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what is ctt


Consciousness Transformation Technique

This tapping healing modality was developed by founder George Duisman after he sought out a quicker and more powerful way to release blocks from past life trauma. Inspired by EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique's tapping, and QHHT, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique's past life regression, he journeyed down the path of fine tuning a quicker and easier tapping technique that uncovers past life blocks that are then released through bi-lateral tapping with the hands on the opposite sides of the body. 

By activating and unlocking both the left, Feminine side, and right, Masculine side of the body, traumatic emotional memories and deeper heavier emotions related to them are released from the cells. Much of the time, the body has already manifested physical symptoms on either the left or rights sides of the body to let the individual know that the issue is either from the female or male ancestral or past life side. And through the CTT past life technique, the memory and block can be discovered, and then through the tapping, the heavier emotions related to that block can be released.

How tapping works physiologically

Energy circulates through the body through a network of meridians or energy channels. A build up of negative emotions over time causes blocks in the flow of this energy within the body. These blocks of energy flow can then result in physical issues as well as emotional state of mind upset like anxiety or depression.

The client is then encouraged to focus on the specific negative emotion that has created a block from fear or programming. And then through the simultaneous tapping and the mind focusing on releasing the stressor through the script, healing can take place through the mind and body.

The client can use this technique to heal themselves at any time

Because this tapping healing technique is so simple, the client can use it on themselves whenever something stressful appears in their lives. This makes it easily apparent that the true healing ability lies within the individual's own hands and mind.