QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique


Deep healing through connection to the subconscious and Higher Self 


QHHT helps unlock the healing power within each of us

Trusting our own healing abilities

We are very powerful beings who have forgotten that we not only have the ability to heal ourselves, but are responsible for creating our own realities that includes our physical issues. By tapping into the wisdom of our Higher Selves, we are guided to information that helps us remember that our bodies are miraculous self-healing machines when in balance.

Through past life regression, the Higher Self may take the client to a past life, parallel life, glimpse of the future or a metaphoric scene to reveal important information to help the client tap into their own healing abilities. It is the client's job to trust the entire process.

The Higher Self will reveal ways to achieve a balance of mind, body and soul, but it will be up to the individual to take action to reach it. This could be through a combination of releasing old programming, false beliefs, and an unlocking of cellular memory from past life trauma. As this clearing and purging of deep emotional issues is taking place, it is important for the client to adopt a routine of a whole foods diet, connection with nature, self love and exercise.

Health issues may be in a person's life for many reasons. It could be a great life lesson taking place that has been contracted on a soul level. Or Karmic debts playing out. Or, might be in place as a reminder for the individual to take action in order to move forward on their soul's path. But when examined, it always comes back to the Higher Self using the body as a messenger to speak with the individual to understand their own power.

How QHHT was founded

Dolores Cannon was the founder of QHHT back in the 1960s when she and her husband used regression techniques for weight loss and smoking cessation.

After the first time a patient regressed into a past life, Dolores' curiosity peaked and she devoted the rest of her regression career and life until 2015 to working with client's Higher Selves and higher dimensional beings to find answers to bigger questions.

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Nicole Espinosa

A healer on the road


I am being called to various portions of the globe to do specific healing work with the Earth and Humanity. Living on the road on my motorcycle has been my path over the past two years as I listen carefully for the calling of my next destination. Recently, I've been pulled to Africa, Egypt and Indonesia for big missions. I just returned to Egypt for the third time for the 2018 fall equinox to continue the mission in Egypt with other healers who are heeding the call and taking action. Many of us are called to sacred sites to unlock them with specific coding within us, and often times it takes a combination of codes from healers to unlock the bigger puzzles that have been left locked until Humanity was ready to Ascend.

I have been a practitioner of QHHT since early 2015, and have found that every client has crossed my path for bigger reasons. Many times, we discover that we've either shared past lives, will accomplish something together in the present, or will work on a project together in the future.

I have so much passion for this healing work that just lights up my soul. Through these sessions we are receiving great information for humanity about how we as a race and as indivduals are evolving during this very important time in history.

Healing through imagery


I use nature and powerful imagery in my healing inductions to tap into ancient wisdom found in the Earth, and in ourselves.

Forgiveness exercises are also woven into the sessions that frees the client from the shackles of the past.

Zoom sessions


Online Zoom sessions allow for schedules to be matched quicker and easier, all over the globe.

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