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My life journey

A free spirit


One with nature at a young age, I spent my youth barefoot, climbing trees, and camping on Whidbey Island in Washington state with the women of my family and my younger brother.

As a child, I followed the rules of society, and was "a good little girl." But after growing up, I felt a stronger pull to buck the "system" and live by my own rules, as I draw outside the lines. 

Being a healer on a motorcycle matches my adventurous and free spirit, and lets me be free.

I actually feel a shift in the concept of relationships at this time, with marriage and ownership becoming a thing of the past.

I feel my body going through physical changes as I crave lighter raw whole foods. Last year, I felt my brain light up constantly, which I knew was a rewiring.

Towards the end of 2017, I felt the strong energies coming in that brought up deep emotional issues ready to be healed.

I feel my free spirit calling me to soar to my greatest heights in 2018.

Connection to Egypt


Winks of Egypt and Nefertiti have followed me throughout my life, from this alabaster bust of her that my dad brought over to the states after moving here from Cairo at age 18, to being invited for tea on top of the Nefertiti hotel in Luxor in 2017. 

I am being called to Egypt now on great missions, year after year.

Last year, I received messages from strangers on what to do when I got to Egypt. I went solo and was gifted the airline ticket to get there. As I lived in the present and allowed the magical journey to unfold before me, a great mission was accomplished as I met other healers on the road. All for the sake of peace in the Middle East that would spread around the world.

Enjoy my SmugMug photo album of my travels through Alexandria, Cairo, Giza, Aswan, the Nile and Luxor of March 2017...


Strong Pulls to Individuals


At age 14, I met a person who I completely recognized on a soul level, but consciously felt this strong pull. It was mutual, but because there was a 14 year age difference, neither of us talked about the depth of it. We just maintained a friendship for life.

Checking back in with each other as we had relationships through life with others, we couldn't deny the haunting and screaming pull to be together.

An affair ensued that ripped me apart emotionally as it ended my marriage.

I searched for answers through regression therapy. I found out in my session that this man was my wife who died in childbirth in a past life whom I loved to the core.

I was then able to forgive myself, which is one of the greatest keys to unlocking our potential.

The solving of this mystery, and my further curiosity to past life regression led me to QHHT in early 2015.



In 2000, I had a near death experience running a 10K without any food or water that morning. Electrolytes were out of whack, and sent my heart into tachycardia (heartbeat exceeding 100 beats per minute). I could feel myself slipping further and further out of body as I felt the sweetest sensation of bliss pulling me. My first thought was of my unborn children. I knew I was supposed to come back for them.

Since then, the ride of motherhood has been the most glorious gift of my life. My children Alana, 18, and Dimitri, 15, bring me joy beyond my wildest dreams, and have also provided some of the greatest soul growth. 

I hold the reigns loosely as a mother, and provide loving guidance and reminders of their own inner wisdom. 

Together I feel we are a team of super heros, with each having different super powers. I always tell my son that we are the "Incredibles," and together we can overcome any obstacle.

I am in sheer delight as I watch each of them blossom into their beauty and potential, as they start giving back their gifts to the world.

Enjoy my YouTube video of my first motorcycle adventure with my daughter Alana for her sweet 16, August 2017, by clicking on the action button below.

Giving Back


In 2017, I was invited to participate in my friend Lorraine's film, Rallying for a Wild Life. It was about 3 women motorcyclists raising awareness of animal conservation in Eastern Africa.

One of the projects for the film was to take the kids of Good Care Orphanage into Lake Mburu National Park in Uganda to experience wildlife for their first time from the backs of our motorcycles. It changed my life.

I fell in love with these children, and knew I would be back to help them discover their own beauty in some way.

I helped my friend Mike Haley of World Riders Foundation raise the money needed for the completion of the construction for the orphanage's first primary school that he started last year.

I feel deep in my heart that these children are here on this planet to effect great change. And I am here on this planet to hold up the mirror for many to see the beauty within themselves.



As soon as I went to my first regression therapist in 2008 to find out why I had created the dissolution of my family, I knew I was on the right track to answers for me and my spiritual quest.

I soon stumbled upon Dolores Cannon's 17 books that she had compiled from over 40 years of regressing people all over the world. Thank heavens she was like an investigative reporter who was very curious about everything, and pieced together some big Earth mysteries.

I delved into QHHT through my first Dolores book, Convoluted Universe 4, and devoured it in a very short time. I immediately Googled to see if she taught classes. Unfortunately for me, she had just died, but left behind a legacy of being able to take her online courses to become a practitioner.

2015 launched my journey as a QHHT practitioner as I did session swaps with other practitioners immediately to see what it was like, myself. 

I discovered that my purpose on this planet is to help humanity in this great awakening by opening the hearts and minds of people through love and art. I also gather Lightworkers to work on missions, help them get unstuck and realize their potential.