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What is QHHT


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Deep relaxation techniques are used to ease the client into theta state, which is just above the sleep state known as delta. It is within this state, that we can access our Higher Selves, and have bigger questions answered. When going deeper beyond the conscious mind, it is here that the client's absolute truth is revealed to have a greater understanding of self-realization and why they are here.

The practitioner is a facilitator to guide the client through the exploration of possible past lives, parallel lives or even glimpses of the future. This may also be interpreted as delving deeply into the Subconscious. Many topics can be explored, like the reason why the client has a physical issue. Or, relationship issues and the loss of a loved one where soul contracts and playing out Karma (the sum of actions or deeds from past lives) come into action. Greater soul growth comes from harder challenges, so we have often chosen more difficult relationships to help us expand our consciousness and awareness of ourselves. It is through the intuitively navigated session by the practitioner, that mysteries about one's choices in life can be unraveled.

The client's Higher Self is already connected to and working with the practitioner's Higher Self the moment the client selects them. The Higher Selves guide the entire session allowing for the client's best interest to play out in the healing process.

Imagination and trust are two key components to use as the foundation of the session. Being able to visualize, just like when you imagine something, helps the process of trusting and remembering this knowledge that is inside of you. It is through these QHHT sessions, where practitioner and client can unlock this inner wisdom for healing and life purpose. Saying the first thing that comes to mind when the practitioner asks a question is this wisdom coming through. We must learn to trust it.

Healing is the responsibility of the client. Our bodies give us strong messages through physical health issues. It is the individual's job to listen. Sometimes physical issues are a life lesson, and are in place for great soul growth. Through QHHT, an individual can release physical health issues if appropriate by going to the source of an issue, whether in the past, or current day, and accept the message the body is delivering.

How This Technique Was Developed

Dolores Cannon founded this technique in the 1960's. Her first experience with it was while hypnotizing a client to address issues of being over weight. The regression went further past childhood and into this woman's past life as a flapper in the 1920s. This was Dolores' first experience with reincarnation. The details described were so vivid that Dolores called this client back to explore four other past lives, and wrote her first book Five Lives Remembered.

Over her 45 year career, her technique was proven to be very effective on thousands of people all over the world as she accessed past lives and helped facilitate instantaneous healings when appropriate. Her prolific healing career produced 18 books translated into many different languages all over the world, due to her vast popularity. She is now helping practitioners and clients from the other side as we all work together to navigate Ascension for Humanity.

When Does Healing Take Place

Healing happens when it is appropriate for the individual. What is an instance where it wouldn't be appropriate? When they have a soul contract in place to learn from the physical issue. 

Sometimes healing takes time to integrate, and results could take up to years to manifest. This might be due to blocks the individual has that are slowly being removed by inner work.



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