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Nicole grounds herself in the Joshua Tree desert

Balance within the physical body

Our bodies have great wisdom, and each individual is on their own path to listening to it to find out what food and supplements are needed for their optimum health at any one time.

What diet works for one individual doesn't necessarily work for another. But, a diet lifestyle of whole foods without any processing is the most vitalizing and healthful for all. But due to depleted soils, we can't always get the minerals, vitamins and plant extracts that we need to reach our highest potential of holistic health.

QHHT sessions and connection with the Higher Self many times reveals which diet would be best for the client, as well as what type of exercise.

I also work with wellness company Amare that has cutting edge supplement products that balance the gut/brain connection and gut biome to create a system in perfect holistic health. These products will fill in the needed minerals, vitamins and extracts where the depleted soils and less nutrient rich foods leave off.

To find out if your body is balanced, you can take this wellness assessment...

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Balance within the energetic body

With so much time invested in electronics and devices daily, it has become paramount to find a way to balance our energy. The best way to do this is in nature with our bare skin touching the Earth.


Being barefoot on the Earth, or tapping into the ground via a conduit is called grounding. This is like rebooting a computer. It is a reset of all of our systems, especially the nervous system.

This will help counteract the EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation that many receive from cell phones, wifi and cell towers on a daily basis.

Quiet time

The mind is very powerful with our thoughts creating our reality. So these days it's getting more and more important to keep thoughts from focusing on the reality we want to change, to the reality we want as if it has already happened.

Instead of focusing on the fear loops, shrinking bank account or problems, let's focus on the goal for shaping our future.

Taking time out to quiet our minds is becoming more and more important as the world around us becomes more chaotic. Even just closing the eyes at a red light, and taking deep breaths would be a great help.

Meditation can take various forms. Anything from the typical meditation pose to a walk in the park, time at the beach, or sitting with a lemonade on the front porch. Whatever floats your boat to quiet the mind, will keep you more engaged.

Wellness through QHHT

In each session, I find it important to have the Higher Self describe what diet and exercise program would be best for each person to reach their potential.

The client then walks away with a customized food and activity program that would allow them to reach their utmost clarity over time and commitment.

Enjoy a 6 minute sample of how Deni's Higher Self explains why she's an empath, and how a whole foods diet and grounding exercise routine will fine tune her intuitive abilities.