Quantum Healing

Quantum Healing

Quantum Healing Quantum Healing

CTT videos in ALPHABETICAL order / Blocks of power

CTT founder George Duisman takes Nicole back to lives as a yogi and queen to see what blocks she has to stepping into her power fully

Blocks to prosperity

 Nicole taps away the emotional block of the flow of money into her life by being a greedy queen who was beheaded 

Egypt: Great pyramid re-attunement

Nicole and other healers re-attune the Great Pyramid, while Nicole anchors it in the physical during Spring Equinox 2018

Egypt and Atlantis recall to heal feminine divine power

Group taps away programmed Johovian Seals put in place to suppress the Feminine power 

Future glimpse of ark of the covenant unlocked

Group taps into the all-seeing wisdom of the Ark of the Covenant

Original blueprint dna and light language

Group taps into original blueprint DNA and receives downloads and activations for God self

Tesla Energy Wisdom

Group tapping unlocks Tesla Energy wisdom and water meditation with light language