Quantum Healing

QHHT videos (Topics in alphabetical order): Abundance

Removing abundance blocks


A glimpse of Ascension into 5D


A benevolent Reptilian speaks through Nicole

Egypt Activations

Be activated by the unlocking of the hidden chamber and Hall of Records underneath the Sphinx, and the activation of the Atlantean crystal under the Great Pyramid, and so much more.

egypt and Ancient wisdom

Nicole's session packed with Egypt downloads

Egypt and speaking to the masses

Nicole and fellow practitioners share  past life in Egypt

Motorcycle Adventures

Nicole and her daughter Alana celebrate her Sweet 16 on their first mother/daughter motorcycle adventure

Mountain Imagery

Come heal with Nicole on the mountain

Stop Smoking

David stops smoking in tent session

Temple of Healing

Dave's guide Joseph, from the Arcturian Council of 5, shows him a past life in ancient Egypt and his connection to Temple of Healing